No Bagpipes for Department of Homeland Security

Despite sequestration and cuts all around us, the Department of Homeland Security had issued an order for 10 sets of bagpipes and drums. They had to be new, not refurbished. Depending on quality and configuration, a bagpipe set can cost between $1000 and $7500.

No kidding: here is the Solicitation Number: PR20074261.

When this order somehow was exposed by Drudge, it was mysteriously and abruptly canceled. I am sure the bagpipe vendor was not happy about this.

It makes me wonder though, what exactly did the Department of Homeland Security intend to do with these bagpipes? Play them at the border to scare back illegal crossings with the awful screeching sound?

The Department of Homeland Security, created by the Bush Administration in response to the 9/11 disaster, is one of my least favorite of all government agencies.

Let’s get rid of that one, please. Scare them with bagpipes!

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