Let’s Start a Universal Gun Registry

Republican states want universal background checks for food stamps but not for guns. Why?

Here is Wayne Lapierre:

Right now you are either outraged at the liberal agenda or you are outraged at the first paragraph of this article because you cannot see what could possibly be wrong with doing background checks on people who want to purchase firearms. After all, don’t the statistics say that 90% of Americans are for “universal” background checks? Why should Conservatives be against background checks?

Congratulations, you have fallen into the trap of liberal obfuscation and propaganda. As it currently stands, there is not one single bill before Congress or the Senate that only deals with background checks. Not one! While there are ads being produced and hitting the airwaves, TV networks and showing up on YouTube that include hunters calling for background checks and veterans for background checks, again, there is not one piece of legislation anywhere in Congress calling just for background checks alone.

Here is what is going on in the gun control legislative efforts and it is critical that you understand there is no legislation anywhere in Congress calling for only background checks alone.Every gun bill currently being considered contains some kind of provision to ban certain kids of firearms. What liberals in Congress really want is a gun registry. That is the bottom line.

So he says: What liberals in Congress really want is a gun registry. That is the bottom line.

So I say: That’s exactly what I want. I am not a liberal, and I am not in Congress,  I support the Second Amendment to the Constitution, and I definitely support the First.

I think a gun registry would be a great thing. I can write the website over the weekend. Let’s start using it on Monday.

We already have a universal registry for taxpayers, all presumably law-abiding citizens.

We should also have a universal registry for:

  • guns
  • food stamp recipients
  • convicted sex offenders
  • priests who molest children
  • convicted terrorists
  • convicted human traffickers

…there are probably a few others I am forgetting here.

Sorry, Wayna Lapierre. I want a gun registry. But please don’t label me. I am just as law-abiding as you are.

One thought on “Let’s Start a Universal Gun Registry

  1. Ycsiar

    Gun registry… is the best way to go. Guns used for crimes could then be easily traced to the owners… You don’t need congress for this… get the FBI to do it. Its like registering your car…. By the way .. you can still have as many guns as you want but please register. Only criminals don’t register guns… for obvious reasons.

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