Science Deniers in Congress

Rep. Lamar Smith, who criticized ‘The Idea Of Human-Made Global Warming,’ is set to chair the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology — a body with jurisdiction over many laboratories, NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the National Weather Service.

Smith acknowledges on his website that the climate is changing; however, he does not mention the overwhelming consensus within the scientific community that humans are responsible.


Yes, based on an analysis by Powell, in the scientific community there are 13,926 articles that do not reject the idea that humans are responsible for global warming, while there are 24 articles that reject that humans are responsible.

The Republican congress put Smith, who is on the 24 article side, in charge of the Panel for Science.

Smart move. It is another step in the direction of dumbing down our government.

And make no mistake about that, it is also a step forward in the process of driving leading scientists out of our country and into the welcoming arms of China, India and other progressive and aggressive nations. We have shipped our manufacturing jobs overseas, and now we’re shipping our academia overseas, too.

Lamar Smith calls himself a skeptic. He is not a skeptic. He is bought by the oil companies. He denies the reality of anthropogenic global warming because that’s what he is paid to do. He knows nothing about science, yet he engages in vicious attacks on legitimate scientists. He poses as an expert in a subject he knows nothing about.

I wonder if he does his own dental work, too?

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