Bad Math in Oregon Foodstamp Article

The article Pizza business and government fight over food stamp use talks about how the federal government does not allow Little Ceasar’s franchises to sell unbaked pizza to food stamp recipients, after first requiring them to spend “thousands” to install equipment and get ready to do just that.

At the end of the article, the writer, Dan Tilkin, slips in a statistic presumably designed to look impressive and slant the reader’s view:

According to the state Department of Human Services, about 80,000 people in Oregon receive food stamp assistance, better known as SNAP. That’s about one out of every five people.

There are about 3.7 million people living in Oregon. 80,000 of those would make about one in 46 people, not one in five. I wonder what Tilkin meant with that statistic.

Don’t trust what you read on the Internet.

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