Thieves Go Through my Car

Last Saturday I got into my car in our driveway and noticed that the glove compartment was open.


It turns out, somebody went through my car, and stole:

  1. One eight dollar LED flashlight out of the glove compartment, slim style so it fits without taking a lot of space.
  2. CD #1 (out of two) of Bob Dylan’s No Direction Home album, freshly popped out of the CD player to make room, and not taken back into the house yet.
  3. My new (re-bought old) The Inner Winner by Denis Waitley motivational CD program from Nightingale Conant. I used to listen to this in the 80ies, and loved it, but the cassette tapes had worn out over 30 years so I bought it again just recently.

Who steals stuff like that?

I often don’t lock my car in the driveway. We live in a very quiet cul-du-sac. You can’t see from the outside that my car is unlocked. You have to try to open it to find out.

This leads me to believe that somebody simply walks the neighborhoods in the dark, tries every car, and takes whatever is not nailed down.


In this case, the total retail value they took out of my car is less than 50 dollars. They’ll get 50 cents for the flashlight at a flea market, nothing for the Dylan CD without a cover, and thieves probably have little use for motivational CDs:

Today is my day.

I like myself and everything about my life.

I am a worthwhile human being with great self-esteem.

Today I will gain economic value by going through a record number of cars and take petty stuff from other people while they are sleeping.

I am happy, healthy and content.

3 thoughts on “Thieves Go Through my Car

  1. Eric Petrie

    When in doubt, assume it is kids, bored and loving every little thrill of danger. The items they stole are probably like trophies.

  2. Eric Petrie

    By the way, I meant to say that I really liked the idea of thieves collecting stolen self-help motivational CD’s and then listening to them in order to make themselves better. Ha ha.

  3. Trisha

    Perhaps after listening to the CDs, we will be pleasantly surprised to have the items returned.

    Sitting on the hood of a now locked car.

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