Rum and Pepsi Anyone?

The Cola wars have been going on for decades. I buy very little soda. There is never any in the house. I do, occasionally, buy a soda when I drive late at night, or perhaps in a movie theater.

Recently I stopped at a KFC store for some fried chicken while on a road trip. I did a double-take when I asked for a Coke but they didn’t have it and asked me if Pepsi was okay.

It seems that very few fast food places use Pepsi. Everyone is with Coke. Perhaps the only ones that push Pepsi are actually owned by Pepsi. I tried to research what fast food places where owned by Pepsi (maybe KFC???) and couldn’t find it.

To me, Coke is a term, and I’ll ask for a Coke. I’ll take Pepsi when that is all they have. But I would not think of asking for it.

It seems really odd: Ordering a Rum and Pepsi?

And here is from Saturday Night Live:

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