Food Stamps for Strip Clubs

Apparently, according to this article in the Palm Beach Post, the State of Florida is cracking down on the use of food stamps, paid out through EBT cards, in strip clubs and liquor stores.

Floridians will likely still be able to buy cupcakes, soda and potato chips  with food stamps but won’t be able to use welfare debit cards at liquor  stores or strip clubs under a measure reluctantly approved by a House  committee on Monday.

Reluctantly approved? There are state representatives, like Rep. Dana Young, who think that the government should stay away from restricting the use of food stamp money, as quoted in the article:

Rep. Dana Young, who led the charge against the food stamp restrictions, said  she is “all about good nutrition” but that “I don’t want  people to tell me what to eat.

“I just don’t think it’s right for us, as legislators and as a  government, to tell anyone what they can eat, even if they happen to be  poor, even if they happen to be on food stamps,” Young, R-Tampa, said.

I agree, the government should not tell people what to eat. But it should darn well tell people what they can BUY with public money.


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