Laboratories of Democracy – by Bill Maher

California gave illegal immigrants drivers licenses and college tuition and conservatives said that encouraging immigrants like that would destroy the economy. But it didn’t. Immigrants just take jobs Americans don’t want to do, like raising their children.

USA Today: Taxes on Rich

There is an eye-catching blurb in the Money section on the first page of USA Today of June 27, 2012:

Group wants more taxes on rich

An  international group of economists is recommending that the  U.S. adopt policies that would make higher-income Americans pay more in taxes to help boost the U.S. economy. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development favors eliminating some tax breaks for high-income individuals on mortgage interest and health insurance. It also proposes reducing tax breaks corporations receive when they borrow to make investments.

Who is this “group” that wants to tell us how to run our country? Who are its members?

Let  me guess: A bunch of folks from Greece and Spain? Maybe a few Latin-American meat-packing glitterati? Ah, perhaps a few Indians, who come from a country where 60% of the entire billion population live in slum conditions?

It does not say who they are, other than the illustrious name. I think we should  be careful with advice from people who have no skin in our game.