Scott Pruitt to Lead the EPA – a Colossal Mistake

We now have put Scott Pruitt, who has made a career of suing the EPA as Oklahoma’s attorney general, who is a climate change denier – contrary to his own recent statements – in charge of the EPA.

We recently saw an executive order to allow dumping of coal mining waste into streams, reversing an Obama order to the contrary. Supporters argue that this is not a new order, but simply a return to standards that were in place since 1983.

Ok, so we’re rolling that clock back to 1983, and we’re not so bad, because Reagan allowed it too?

This is all done for a few thousand coal mining jobs in the United States.

Great. We’re bringing jobs in coal mining and fracking back to the United States. China, Europe and even India are rapidly implementing renewable energy technologies. For instance, in Holland, all trains now run on wind energy. China just canceled 103 coal plants. China leads the world in implementation of solar energy.

Chinese children go to school 260 days a year. Americans 180. American children will be able to learn more about Noah’s ark when Betsy DeVos gets to implement her pet projects and bring “God to our schools.”

America puts its people to work in coal mines. China trains its people in renewable energies, software engineering, and manufacturing engineering.

That’s how we’re making America great again, folks.

Believe me.

Cabinet Appointments to Dismantle the Government

Rex Tillerson – Secretary of State – Exxon CEO with deep ties to Russia and no diplomatic experience, who thinks confirmation hearings and questions from lowly senators are beneath him.

Betsy DeVos – Secretary of Education – Thinks public school teachers are overpaid, never taught, never went to public school, does not believe in public education.

Rick Perry – Energy Secretary – Misunderstood what the job meant. Is on record wanting to abolish the department he now wants to head up.

Scott Pruitt – E.P.A. Administrator – Has sued the E.P.A. many times as Attorney General of Oklahoma. Has worked for the interests of oil companies fighting the climate change lobby.

Is Trump trying to dismantle the United States government as we know it? Are we handing our welfare and well-being to the oil companies to control? Are we out of our minds?

The way I see it, none of the candidates for Trump’s cabinet are even remotely qualified for the offices they intend to hold. This isn’t going to end well.


Scott Pruitt in Charge of the EPA…

…is like

  • putting the fox into the henhouse (trite but trusted)
  • putting an arsonist in charge at the fire station (Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club)
  • disputing the existence of gravity (Rush Holt, chief executive of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS))
  • saying the moon is made out of green cottage cheese (my own)

Mr. Trump and Mr. Pruitt, your viewpoints are opposed by 97% of the world’s scientist and a majority of the American public.

Human activities are largely responsible for climate change and severe impacts are already underway. The sooner we act, the lower the cost and risk will be.

You’ll go down in history as the administration that wrecked the planet – and the country.

Make America Great Again?