Movie Review: Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022)


This is my whole review:

Why did this movie get made in the first place?

Why did it win any Oscars, let alone seven of them?

Best Original Screenplay
Daniel Kwan
Daniel Scheinert
Best Motion Picture of the Year
Daniel Kwan (producer)
Daniel Scheinert (producer)
Jonathan Wang (producer)
Best Achievement in Directing
Daniel Kwan
Daniel Scheinert
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Michelle Yeoh
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Jamie Lee Curtis
Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
Ke Huy Quan
Best Achievement in Film Editing
Paul Rogers

What the heck is wrong with the Oscars?

This movie has no story or plot of any interest, no redeeming value of any kind, terrible acting, no moral that I could detect, no beauty, no scenery, no score. It is utterly boring and difficult to sit through. I knew after 10 minutes that I really wanted to walk out, but – well – it won seven Oscars so there must be something to it.

Trust me, there is not. It just drags on for two hours and 19 minutes. Half the movie at least are pointless and violent fake fight scenes. After the first few I was jaded and then I faded out.

There was no acting worth mentioning.

And the fact that it got Best Motion Picture of the Year is an insult to any movie made last year, any other movie!

This is the worst movie I can remember ever watching.

Do not bother to see Everything Everywhere All At Once.

It is a complete waste of time.


And that means ZERO stars.

5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022)

  1. Bill West

    Totally agree with your assessment of this film. The only explanation I have for the Oscar outcome is that all the other films were shite too. The other film that got a lot of buzz at the Academy Awards was the Banshees of Inisherin which was for me a great disappointment and I would apply your same recommendation to this piece.

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