Handling of Classified Documents

For the last year we have been bombarded in the news with updates about how glaringly irresponsible Trump behaved with respect to classified documents, both during his presidency, and particularly afterwards.

Trump is the same person who, now six years ago, pushed hard on Clinton for, get this: using a private email server for classified correspondence. I believe that was a massively stupid move by Clinton in the first place. I am sure she has regretted that decision every day of her life since then, and it may well have been the catalyst for her to lose the race for the presidency in 2016. But all investigations have not resulted in any finding of wrongdoing with regard to classified documents.

That entire episode seems ridiculously miniscule compared to what Trump did with classified documents. And then Trump has the gall to refer to Clinton’s emails and her digressions in his own defense.

Then again, what I am really interested in is Hunter Biden’s laptop. Oh, yeah, naked pictures. Those will surely exonerate Trump.

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