Smokers, Ashtrays and Butts

Today I came across this reddit post

Smokers, pick up your damn butts!

The planet is not an ashtray, and I have been thinking about that recently.

I just bought a brand-new truck, and it does not have an ashtray. It also does not have any place where I can put a little garbage container.

I am not a smoker, and I have actually never smoked in my life. A grand-total of perhaps a dozen cigarettes or joints have touched my lips in all my life, and all of those were more than 40 years ago. So, yes, I have not been tossing any butts.

What if I were a smoker, though? People smoke in their houses and in their cars. Those are pretty much the only places they can still smoke. Once you’re done with a cigarette in your car, what do you do with it? You can’t very well extinguish it on your dashboard, seat or door. You don’t have an ashtray. You don’t have a garbage can.

Why are car makers not putting ashtrays into cars anymore? It makes no sense to me.

Why are car makers not building garbage receptacles into cars so we can discard our sticky candy wrappers or slimy banana peels without getting our clothes or seats dirty? It makes no sense to me.

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