Riots at the U.S. Capitol

Rioters in the U.S. Capitol tore off the sign of the Speaker of the House and posed with it.

This does not seem like a brilliant move for their careers. Do these four people get charged with felonies and do prison time? I sure hope so.

I wonder what foreign enemies of our country are thinking? If these bozos were able to walk into the U.S. Capitol and ransack the office of the Speaker, without any security stopping them, do you think that this might give the spies in China, Russia, Iran and North Korea some interesting ideas?

Did computer networks get compromised? Did USB drives get inserted into laptops? Did bugging devices get installed behind receptacles or heating registers?

The bozos were in the hallways posing with loot.

The real terrorists had the run of the Capitol for hours as long as they wore red hats and face paint.

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