How #DiaperDon Became Possible

Trump held a news conference on Thanksgiving sitting at an oddly small desk.

Not only did this make for strange optics, particularly with Trump being a big man, he made it worse by flying off the handle when he didn’t like some of the questions from reporters. At one point, he railed “I am the President of the United States! Don’t talk to me like that…..” which of course looked like a tantrum a school boy would throw when he didn’t get his way.

Social media went wild. Here is an example:

There seem to be thousands of images like this, framing Trump as a toddler, and #DiaperDon instantly rose to the top of Twitter trends.

After doing this to himself yesterday, he is piling on today coming after Twitter as if somehow it’s their fault that thousands of people thought it funny and started posting modified images.

Trump is obviously out of touch with reality. Nobody forced him to sit down at the tiny desk and act like a toddler. He did this to himself. Now he is throwing more tantrums because he does not like the outcome, making it yet worse, because if you didn’t check Twitter before this, you surely will now.

This is obviously what happens if you surround yourself only with sycophants. Somebody actually decided to use this tiny desk for a press conference. Perhaps it was a purposeful choice? But does it not strike you as odd that nobody in the White House thought it wise to tell him that this was probably not a good idea and he should not sit at a tiny desk?


One thought on “How #DiaperDon Became Possible

  1. Well Spoken! I bet most “Republicans” working in the White House are terrified to make the slightest suggestion to 7rump, of anything. They all seem to bow down to him for any damned word he says!

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