I Don’t Understand 72 Million Trump Voters

I don’t get it.

What has Trump actually done? Promises made, promises kept? Really?

He was going to build a wall that Mexico would pay for. He hasn’t done that.

He was going to introduce a “beautiful” comprehensive health care plan within the first few weeks of his presidency. Nothing happened.

He was going to kill the Affordable Care Act. He didn’t.

He was going to implement a great and exciting infrastructure initiative. We saw nothing.

Yes, he delivered a massive tax cut which eventually added trillions of dollars to the national debt and will need to be paid for by our grandchildren. Great accomplishment! Giving away other people’s money to rich people. I didn’t see any tax cut benefits myself.

He did undo a lot of things that previous administrations built, more than I can list here. But undoing is not the same as building. Anybody can wield a wrecking ball. Not everybody can create and build.

He completely mismanaged our country’s response to the pandemic.

I don’t understand how 72 million people were happy enough with this performance to vote for him.

I really don’t understand that.


6 thoughts on “I Don’t Understand 72 Million Trump Voters

  1. Anonymous

    I can. It is no different than the hoops a brain must submit to believing in the ridiculous tenants of any religion. Belief in Trump (not matter what he says or does) is just an extension of this “faith” that he was “anointed by God” and therefore inerrant, just like their god.

    Alas, we are stuck with the cult of religion and the cult of Trump. You cannot reason with the insanity of evangelical thinking.

  2. Anonymous

    Propaganda on Fox. If that’s all you consume then that networks does a pretty good job at making all Democrats seem crazy and “socialist” and about to ruin the country. I highly recommend the series Loudest Voice to get a glimpse into a different perspective. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6821044/

    Now they are all moving away from Fox so what’s next? Trump network? eeek

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