Poem: Better Than That

Digging through some of my older writings, I found a little poem I wrote on September 26, 2004. I had just come home from dinner out with my son who was 16 at the time. I am not sure I ever shared it with him or anyone else.

Now in 2020, another 16 years later, it rings as true as ever, and it gives me inspiration about what really matters in this year of the pandemic.

Better Than That

We were alone last night, my son,
You suggested the place to eat.
Italian food, a quiet booth,
Cool outside, after a long day’s heat.

We talked of school, of growing up.
Of travels to England or France.
Thought of taking Kung Fu or Taekwondo,
I dreamt you’d go to a dance.

And then it hit me right deep in the heart,
I was there with you and so glad,
Because I knew in all of my life,
It won’t ever get — any better than that.

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