Weekend with Bernie

Friday night we went to our first political rally. Yes, I made it through 62 years without ever attending one.

We went to see Bernie Sanders in San Diego.We found a spot very close to the podium.

Bernie Sanders at Podium in San Diego, March 22, 2019 [photocredit: Trisha]
The crowd was large, but being in the middle of it, it was impossible to count or estimate. Here is a happy selfie.

Selfie [photocredit: Trisha]
Sanders has a huge momentum built up this early in the campaign. Obviously, in 2016, he was just short of the nomination, mostly due to coming in a bit late after Clinton and of course Clinton’s notoriety. This time around, there is no Clinton, and Sanders appears to be the front runner. He already has a million volunteers signed up all around the country for his campaign. It will be difficult for anyone else to catch up to that. Having done this last time around, unlike the wide field of other candidates, he has a huge (huuge) advantage.

Old Guys Rule

I enjoyed listening to a stump speech that is not about a personality cult. Trump’s self-admiration and egotistical world view was far, far away. Here is a humble man, from very modest beginnings, who has been a public servant for most of his life. He has also been a maverick, agitator and activist. Most of all, he has the welfare of the people, the country, and the world as his objective.

I predict that Sanders will win this election.

If he is elected in November 2020, he will be 79 years old and by far the oldest president ever. So far the oldest is Trump, who was 70 when he was elected. Remember when the country thought that Reagan was too old when he took office at age 69?

Be that as it may, I can see the possibility of a very young electorate voting a very old man into the presidency. This means that his selection of a running mate (presumably younger than himself and probably a woman) will be crucial, and the likelihood of that vice president ascending to the presidency is high, especially if he succeeded for two terms.

So far, the outcome of this rally for me is that Sanders has my vote. He had it in 2016 in the primary, and he will have it this time around (as long as he does not pull a McCain and find a Palin – but that was another story I wrote about here in 2008).

Old Guys Rule!

9 thoughts on “Weekend with Bernie

  1. Anonymous

    If Dems have learned anything in the past few years, it has to be 1) VOTE an 2) VOTE for a Democrat, whoever he/she may be.

    BUT, if Trump does somehow not run, I think the Dems are in big trouble. Anybody but Trump is fine for getting anti-Trumps to vote (even Republicans who may withhold their vote), but a relatively sane Republican will win. Because Repubs ALL VOTE!! Voter suppression & gerrymandering will mean the Repub candidate will win.

  2. I have liked Bernie for a lot of years. I am not sure that this is the time for old guys to rules. I really like Pete and Beto but recognize their youth and lack of experience is a problem. Corey looks good and a couple of others. There’s still time to decide and some others to surface or falter. As a senior I root for Bernie. As a Democrat I’ll support most anyone after the current occupant of the WH. Great photos (except the selfie)

  3. My wife will be very proud when I show her your selfie in a Bernie-beanie-cap. But do you think the Democrats will select anyone other than a woman?

  4. Jack

    It’s a shame that Trump Derangement, fueled by media slams, is apparently obfuscating clear thinking. Does a majority of Americans want a socialist in the White House? I think not. In fact, I would wager you’ll get far more “anyone but Bernie” votes than the same for Trump. Wake up folks. The intransigent Left is taking you down the river. Please don’t blame the deplorables when the ship goes down again next election. Expecting a different result with an even more obdurate mindset is begging failure. Bad science methinks.

    1. The whole “socialist” movement and the definition of what socialism is in my opinion is crazy. Right now we have a kleptocrat in the White House. Hell, pretty much anybody would be better that has any sense of governing. I also wish Bernie stopped calling himself a socialist. I am not a socialist, and I am aligned on many items with Bernie – way more than I would ever be aligned with Trump. Somehow we made the word “socialism” be something evil. We have socialism all over our society already, but we don’t call it that. But that’s worthy of another post.

  5. Personally, I’m pretty worried if Bernie is the candidate against Trump. I don’t think moderate Republicans will vote for him. He’s too far left and I don’t think he can beat Trump. But then again I don’t have much hope in any of the dem candidates beating Trump at this point. It makes me pretty nervous but I hope I can be proved wrong and people will vote for country over party. Ho hum…

    1. I agree that Bernie will not get votes from moderate Republicans. And I will add a significant number of moderate Democrats, are there any left? As for Trump CNN and MSNBC have done a good job creating the illusion of a fascist monster. They fed their viewers fantasy after fantasy of collusion and impeachment. The supposed savior Mueller did not come through. In the meantime the left mimicked the outrage of liberal Democrats and took the venerable justice for all party down the river of hate and exclusion. Ugh. Not too mention touting a failed “science of economy,” (socialism) as the only alternative to the apocalypse coming in 12 years. That’s hysteria baby, not “late stage capitalism.” Words are powerful. Ideas are powerful. I suggest using critical thinking before adopting bad ideas.

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