Contraband in my House

Some time ago I posted this about a disallowed showerhead in my house in California. And several years before that, here is the story about Sorpresa Huevos, also too dangerous to ship to us.

Well, here is another one:

We wanted to get a nice set of fireplace tools for our fireplaces. I went to the local Home Depot and couldn’t find anything. They told me I had to buy them online. Amazon had a nice selection, and when I tried to order, it didn’t allow me to ship it to California. Neither my work nor my home address worked. I figured out that there must be some kind of regulation against fireplace paraphernalia in California. I can only assume that the state wants to discourage the use of fireplaces (and burning of wood), so they figured they’d make it hard or impossible to buy fireplace tools.

I tried to google for answers, but could not find anything.

I ended up having the set shipped to our office in Ohio, and then I picked it up on my next trip there and checked it as luggage.

If only I had asked to have AR-15s shipped to me, I am sure that my constitutional rights for firearms would have ensured delivery. But “fire” arms is a different thing than a dangerous and insidious set of “fire” place tools.

Now there is contraband in my house.

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