Sorpresa Huevos – Contraband in our House!

A few years ago I posted about Kinder Eggs and how they are banned in the United States. I guess our government doesn’t trust American children not to eat the toys. But as it turns out, you can buy them at the local Hispanic Market, where they are just brought in from Mexico.


Donald Trump, we really need to build your wall! Our border is broken. Dangerous Kinder Eggs (Sorpresa Huevos – con leche, no less) are making it across the border unfettered.

They are trying to kill our children!


For those of you that really wanted to know the inner secrets of Kinder Sorpresa Huevos:


When you first break the chocolate open, there is a container that is pretty much childproof. We could hardly twist it open. In old times, the toy rattled loose inside the egg.


Once the inner egg is open, there is a little fairy tale girl.

Ok, I ate the egg, threw away the wrapper, the inner egg and the instruction sheet. Now all that’s left is the fairy tale girl sitting in front of my monitor.

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