Parallels from History – It’s Called Holocaust

Trump said: There should be systems to track Muslims. He is suggesting that we issue ID cards to Muslims.

When WW II broke out, we imprisoned innocent Japanese people in the United States. Our leadership and our media are all frothing at the mouth because Muslim extremists have killed hundreds of people in France.

That is tragic. Out-of-control terrorism is tragic. But for our nation to get all worked up about one religious minority and lump them all in with terrorists is outrageous.

Hitler did just that in 1933. The German people were suffering economically. Hitler, pretty much on his own, decided that it was the fault of the Jews (a religious minority) and then he systematically started persecuting this minority.

Eventually they had to carry IDs (a yellow star on their clothing), just like Trump is now suggesting we do with Muslims (carry an ID). If I were a Muslim, I would be deeply, deeply offended, that a clown like Trump can accuse me on national TV of being suspicious of terrorism and introduce measures where I have to publicly identify myself as part of a religious or ethnic group.

Forming special badges or IDs for a religious group does not end well.

We call it Holocaust.

2 thoughts on “Parallels from History – It’s Called Holocaust

  1. You know. I’ve had to actually tune out all the rhetoric, posturing, and craziness. There was one point earlier in the week where my agoraphobia reached the frantic level…the one that shuts down everything in my brain. I finally decided to dissolve into love, light, peace, and my own tiny world.

    It’s so hard to think that someone is actually pulling out the ID card. We CANNOT go back to that. It didn’t end well for Hitler, and it certainly wouldn’t end up roses and wine for us.

    I know there’s probably things I should be doing and words I should be saying about it all. But at this point I’m flummoxed as to what that could be.

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful post. It helps to see sanity for a change.

    1. The hate and fear mongering is astonishing. What kind of leaders are these? A week ago, 150 people died in France, admittedly in terrible, frightening circumstances. But more than that many people have died daily in the U.S. in automobile accidents since. BAN ALL AUTOMOBILES!!!! Insanity.

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