Tax Burden by Country and Making America Stupid Again

The Administration and the GOP are now heading for tax reform. They want to cut taxes. I read that to mean:

  1. Lower taxes for the rich and Trump’s cronies
  2. Burden the country with more debt to account for those tax cuts
  3. Give the middle-class a one-time check of a few hundred dollars that is enough to pay for one trip to Costco – just to make them feel good.

Trump supporters want lower taxes, and they believe their hero that those couple of hundred dollars (IF THAT) is their fair share.

To support this initiative, Trump tells his supporters that the United States has one of the highest tax burdens in the world. That is simply not true whatsoever.

Trump lies.

It takes about 5 seconds to google and see the reality:

[click to enlarge]
Source: Check this site for a wealth of more information.

This shows that the United States is actually below average.

I am not saying that paying taxes like they do in Belgium or Germany is good. I am just saying that Trump lied to his followers, whom he obviously considers too lazy or stupid to look up the facts for themselves.

Trump wants to cut taxes for billionaires. And the middle-class, the unemployed coal miners, “the milk people,” the Carrier workers that just lost their jobs in Indiana, they are still supporting Trump.

Trump is raiding this country for himself, his clan, and his cronies in the fossil fuel business, and the Russian mob, and the American people are blind to it and somehow think this is good for them.

One day, after 2018, or after 2020, we will all wake up with massively more national debt, less jobs for the lower and middle class, less education for all, and we’ll realize we have been duped. That is if we’re not in some new massive war with a new adversary like Iran or North Korea that he starts just to crank up the military industrial complex.

Trump is Making America Stupid Again.

4 thoughts on “Tax Burden by Country and Making America Stupid Again

  1. It would be remarkable — and newsworthy — if Trump said something, anything, that wasn’t a lie. Why is this chart not on every newsfeed in America? And how can those Indiana unemployed STILL support Trump. My Gawd, what a fucking nightmare this all is — but carpe diem, boys and girls, it is not over by a long shot. (Åt least Trump can’t declare war when he’s on “vacation”, right?)

    1. I nightmare this all is. There are still people on Facebook that call Trump “the greatest president of all time.” How can that even be? What kind of mindset do you have to have to say a thing like that?

  2. The exact same mindset that thinks their god is great and real, that there is a hell and a heaven, that Jesus died to save them from their original sin passed down from two mythical people — Adam and Eve — it is all just too silly for words. And you cannot change their minds. Forget it. It is why so many people who have been conned will never report it — makes them look stupid, so no admittance of idiocy is allowed.

  3. Hopeyouarentafinancialadvisor

    Are you deliberalty obtuse or does it come naturally?

    When the President mentions high taxes relative to other countries, he is talking about corporate tax rates. HINT: “we will bring companies back to this country”…pretty accurate assessment given multiple companies like Apple and Fiat recent announcements.

    Now, put up a graph of corporate tax rates by country and stop relying on Politofacts for you information.

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