Adulation and Sycophants

This must be the weirdest cabinet meeting in the history of the United States.

Now, children, let’s all be grateful to be here. Could each one of you all tell me why you love me, and why I am so great?

Let’s all pledge allegiance to the supreme leader of our glorious and successful country.

This makes me feel so great, so successful, so powerful.


Who does this? If this had happened to me at junior high school I would have cracked up. Who subjects grown adults to peer pressure to say self-humiliating crap on national TV?

General Mattis did not look happy sitting there and going through this ridiculous procedure.

Children, all!

5 thoughts on “Adulation and Sycophants

  1. Nauseating! I’m sure they’re all sitting there thinking “I really can’t believe this, this is Not happening!” and notes were passed under the table to meet for drinks immediately after finishing the the puk-a-thon in the lavatory’s.

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