Is the World a Safer Place under Trump?

In eight years under Obama, I never went to bed worrying about some unexpected military escalation. Now I worry every day. Why is that?

It isn’t because Kim Jong Un is all of a sudden crazier than he always was. Trump has just given him more fodder to look more important in the world than he is.

It isn’t because Iran has just gone off the rails. Iran went off the rails in 1979, and many previous presidents, since Reagan, have contained Iran. I believe the “Iran deal” was one of the more stabilizing events in the world and one of the more valuable contributions of Obama. But that’s my subjective opinion. Yet, Tillerson talks about Iran being a new danger.

North Korea is what it’s been since the 1950s. Iran is what it’s been since the 1970s. What changed? The U.S. changed in 2017.

Now Trump is telling us that the world is so dangerous, and we need to spend another $50 billion on weapons, while we cut everything else, including diplomacy. A society’s values are defined by what it spends its money on. Trump has hijacked our country, is telling us that suddenly the world is dangerous, and we need more guns.

I say that the biggest threat to the planet, our way of life, our society, and humanity in general, is the petulant, ignorant, self-absorbed dilettante we have elected into the White House.

We are the problem, not Korea or Iran or ISIS for that matter.


2 thoughts on “Is the World a Safer Place under Trump?

  1. Reading the Iran Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA), you realize this is the best way to ensure Iranian cooperation with the worldwide goals of nuclear containment. It is a small document (less an 160 pages) and not unapproachable if you have at least some degree of literacy. The only real alternative to this agreement is the annihilation of Iran. While I’m sure some of the more rabid Trump supporters would love this idea, I think to most sane people this would be completely implausible. I just wish that voters would actually read the contents rather then accepting the distilled version offered by clown posse politicians.

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