Let’s Bring Back the Horses, President Trump!

Before the automobile came around early in the 20th century, all urban traffic was horse-drawn.

We all know what the New York City street picture looks like with the automobile.

But most of us have not thought about what the city streets were like with all those horses.

In the 1880, estimates are that there were 170,000 horses in the city at any time. Horses left 2.5 million pounds of manure on the streets of New York every single day. This is a typical street picture:

The horses were worked in 12-hour shifts. Horses defecate every 2 hours and urinate every 3-4 hours. All this went onto the city streets. There were workers called “dirt carters” that picked up the manure from the streets and hauled it to specially designated “manure blocks.”

In the winter, the frozen waste was covered by layers of ice and snow, and the streets sometimes rose up by several feet, as this built up.

Horses at work in New York only had a life-expectancy of two and a half years. When horses died, they were often left on the streets until they were rotted sufficiently so they could be carved up and taken away in pieces or rolled into the river.

While they were there, children played with the carcasses.

I say we should ask Mr. Trump to ban automobiles in the big cities and bring back horses. Think of all the jobs that would create and economic activity it would stimulate!

We would have to build stables again. Horses would have to be checked into stables while the people were at work, creating new construction, and jobs taking care of horses. Veterinarians could once again open up shops in the cities. Blacksmiths could have shops making horseshoes. All the dirt-carters would be back in business.

We would have whole new industries bringing horse fodder into the city, and transporting manure out of the city. Drivers would have to be employed around the clock. The drivers would need room and board, causing more economic activity for B&Bs. There would be new jobs for stable boys.

Cities would thrive again, millions of new jobs would be created in New York City alone. And then there are all the other big cities around the country.

Let’s bring horses back to our cities, Mr. Trump!

It would help make America great again!


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