Repeal and Replace

The Affordable Care Act is not perfect. There is room for improvement. Nothing is perfect, and something this complicated will need constant and iterative improvement and updates.

But after the House voted more than 60 times over the last 7 years to repeal the law, knowing fully well that it would be vetoed, you’d think they’d do a better job getting it done this time around, with a president ready to sign.

The president said in every speech that he would repeal and replace the law on his first day. There are a few references listed above. Those are obvious and documented.

So why would the president say:

I never said repeal and replace Obamacare, and you’ve all heard my speeches, I never said repeal and replace it within 64 days.

What is this man thinking? That we’re all stupid and have amnesia? Of course he said it! He said it a hundred times or more. It’s documented.

But then, does he actually mean he never said he’d do it in 64 days? Is it the 64 days that he’s referring to? I sure hope not.

So then, what is this president saying when he makes such a statement?

I don’t like to have a president that says stuff that either:

  • makes no sense
  • is purposely misleading or obfuscating
  • is obviously wrong and can be documented as such (is that a lie?)
  • is wrong but can’t easily be proven (that is a lie)

Why does he do that? Does he think we can’t figure it out? I don’t seriously think so. I think he simply does not give a shit. He is so enamored with himself that it really does not matter to him what we all think. He is in the history books now as the 45th President of the United States. And nobody and nothing can take that away.

How does he expect us to treat him with any respect? How does he expect other world-leaders to treat him with respect? They will never know if what he is saying is true, reliable, and accurate.

No, they actually know the opposite: Whatever Trump says is mostly not true, not reliable, and certainly not accurate.

Trump is doing serious damage to his own credibility, and he is sullying the presidency.

Will the dignity and decorum of the office ever return?


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  1. Of the many creative and witty signs hand made and carried in the D.C. women’s march on January 22nd here is a favourite of mine, done in cross-stitch: “I’M SO ANGRY I STITCHED THIS JUST SO I COULD STAB SOMETHING 3,000 TIMES.”

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