Governor of Washington: Gross Incompetence in Trump Government

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington just stated that the Trump administration couldn’t run a two-car funeral.

But doesn’t he know that this is the greatest government of all time, a terrific government. Nobody governs better than Trump, that I can tell you. Believe me.

3 thoughts on “Governor of Washington: Gross Incompetence in Trump Government

    1. You can see exactly what the Governor is saying. During Obama’s time, there were no people that were denied entry into the US at major airports causing mass confusion and humanitarian crises. I think there is a difference, but I’ll let the words of Gov. Inslee stand for themselves.

  1. YES! this should be on every newscast, every twitter feed, every internet post, relayed around the US and the world. And by every Gov. and Major of every state and city in the US. It is a start. Have you seen the Mayor of New York’s upload yet?

    Every hour now is throwing up a hero.

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