Governing Cover – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Here is the cover of this month’s Governing magazine. Yes, there is such a magazine, and yes, I have subscribed to it for 20 years.

Just in 2008, when Obama won for the first time, the Democrats had a supermajority in the Senate, a majority in the House, and Democrats held the governor’s seats in 28 states. Obama’s effective presidency lasted only two years. By 2010, it was all over.

I thought that the Republicans, with their obstructionist attitudes and deep divisiveness within their party, were done for, would go the way of the Whigs and disappear.

Boy, was I wrong! Check the headline above!

I thought Obama was a good president. I now have my doubts. This all happened under his watch. He was clearly not capable of riding out this victory and unite the country behind him. It was the opposite. Perhaps it was just racism in our country that caused this. But whatever it was, the president did not succeed in uniting the country. He succeeded in dividing it.

Trump did not divide the country. It came to him divided. That’s not to say he hasn’t exploited its division. That’s not to say he isn’t perpetuating its division going forward. But it was Obama that allowed the country to divide under him and eventually cause his presidency to fail under the obstructionist methods of the opposition.

Rather than changing the country and build hope and peace, we have now fallen backwards by decades, and we have some very tumultuous times ahead of us.

Republicans now hold more power than in nearly a century. And we have a buffoon leading us. What could possibly go wrong?

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