Trump is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year


When I first heard about Trump being Time’s Person of the Year, my initial reactions where:

  1. That makes total sense: Of course he would be headlined this year.
  2. Dismay: Now we gave this man another title he can hold up to bolster his outsized ego, along with the keys to Air Force One and his name in the history books forever.
  3. Calm: I realized it’s not always an honor:
  • 1938: Adolf Hitler
  • 1939: Joseph Stalin
  • 1942: Joseph Stalin
  • 1957: Nikita Khrushchev
  • 1979: Ayatollah Khomeini
  • 2007: Vladimir Putin

Trump, supposedly, does not like the “Person of the Year” title, he wants it to be “Man of the Year” regardless of the fact that Time has called it Person since 1999. Sure enough, he denigrated the magazine in recent rallies for this.

Trump is the first president-elect I cannot stand behind. His small-minded attacks on individual citizens, from his position of president-elect, are abominable. It looks entirely un-presidential when he comes after a union leader by name, when he calls the members of the press at his rallies “dishonest” and when he ridicules a 19-year-old woman who has the courage to ask him challenging questions.

Trump’s “qualities” are 180 degrees opposite to my value system, just about in every area I can think of. There isn’t anything this man has done or said or written that I can reconcile with my value system and agree with.

I only see “hot air,” outright lies, deception, condescension, and self-serving vanity. I don’t believe he is in this for the country. This is all about his own ego.

I cannot make myself respect such a man. I cannot say that he is my president too.

I think the country made a terrible mistake electing him. He is turning our country into a plutocracy. He is dismantling 50 years of progress in many areas, including civil rights, and even science. His cabinet choices, for the most part, are abominable. I simply don’t believe that he and most of his minions know what they are doing, and when dilettantes get into power, they eventually make serious mistakes and things don’t end well.

Trump, Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2016, is going to be our next president, and I am already waiting for the next few years to pass and the nightmare to be over.

Our country voted, it wanted it this way, and I respect that.

I blame Obama and Clinton for not recognizing how off the course they were until the night of November 8th. I didn’t recognize it either, I admit, but then, I wasn’t the president and I didn’t run to be president. Obama’s legacy, not matter what he accomplished, has a huge smudge mark, since he is leaving a country divided and handing the keys to a president unqualified.

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