Irish Parliament Rant about U.S. Electing a Fascist

Panic is spreading around the world about the U.S. electing a fascist. And Trump, by not assuaging the world, signals his tacit agreement. He installs Bannon, a fascist, as his closest advisor. Trump does not care what others think. That may work in business. It does not work in government. We have 4,000 years of written history as evidence. Will we never learn?

One thought on “Irish Parliament Rant about U.S. Electing a Fascist

  1. Bravo! A good man that is calling out those who would/will do nothing.
    The days continue and Trump just gets more and more monstrous, with his circle of advisors. I hope the electoral college delegates are paying attention and vote with their consciences: how will they live with themselves if they don’t?

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