My Reaction to Trump’s Win

I did not expect this outcome at all. I am in disbelief.  It seems like a nightmare. I am pinching myself.

I had no idea that the American people were so disillusioned with the current administration and the options the Democrats provided. Trump didn’t win this election, Clinton lost it, in my opinion. Badly.

I wonder what would have happened if Sanders had been the nominee? Now we’ll never know.

Right now I do not think this will all end well, but I and all the other 49.9995 percent of the people will have to watch and see now.

Trump will finally get “really rich.”

What will happen to all of us?

3 thoughts on “My Reaction to Trump’s Win

  1. It’s open season on all the people Trump insulted, incited hate for, to get elected, not specially by him but 49 million (!) “Americans” — I am typing this from a fetal position. Dark days ahead, my friend.

    As a reasonable, rational, sane person, you could have fathom the deep stupidity of the American mind I grew up with and fled to Canada to escape . I am not shocked. Suspected for months that the “Clinton will win” scenario false
    — which means, once again, enough Democrats did not vote — thinking it in the bag. Gerrymandering and voter suppression in the majority of states kept Congress Republican, so it’s not what this regime CAN do, but what CAN’T they do?

    And thank you, Gary Johnson, you twit.

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