But I Have to Go to Work

Are we just going to build pipelines again through native land?

Climate change is a hoax. Turn on the chimneys? Open the Grand Canyon for mining. Jobs!

Obamacare is a disaster. Will people be dropped off their healthcare when it goes away?

Will we repeal Roe vs. Wade?

Cut taxes for the rich. They need the relief.

Build a few walls. The last wall was built in Germany after the war. Do we need new walls?

We have Muslim and black friends. Remember they need hugs now.

Are we going to bomb the shit out of a few countries now?

Is Turkey staying in Nato?

Are the Baltic nations going to drop back into the hands of Russia?

I just realized that I will probably not live to see a female President of the United States. Not that I was in love with Hillary. But it would have been nice. It would have been.

Shoot – my mind is spinning – but I have to go to work.

How can I go to work?

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