YES on 64 – Legalizing Marijuana in California


I never use marijuana. I have “touched” it about 10 times in my life, mostly some 40 years ago, and just never got interested in it. So having it legal or not will not impact my life in any way whatsoever. However, I have always thought it insane that we are incarcerating millions of people for use or possession of a “drug” that so universal that pretty much everyone has used it at some time, and many are using it on an ongoing basis. By having this law enforced the way it is, we are actually creating crime, and criminals. If it were legal, that whole underground prohibition industry would go away. I’d free all marijuana related prisoners at once. The savings would be enormous.

The blog post below does a good job outlining the reasons. Obviously, the lobby against 64 seems to have to resort to untruths to make its point.

I am not buying it.

One thought on “YES on 64 – Legalizing Marijuana in California

  1. Thanks for the reblog. I quit smoking herb about four years ago, so I don’t smoke now, but I got a lot of good out of it when I did. I agree that legalizing will have a lot of benefits for society as a whole.

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