Why I Can’t Vote for Trump – Take 19

Because he does not accept the freedom of the press.

Lately, in his rallies, members of the press are being booed, threatened and sometimes even harassed. Trump is one of those people who can’t lose. Whenever he does not succeed with something, he blames someone else for the failure.

He is blaming the media!

The media are there to report what’s going on.

My suggestion to the media: Stop coming. Stop covering the clown. Once there are no outside eyes and ears, he’ll stop squawking. Then, of course, he’ll complain that there are no media to cover him.

I certainly am looking forward to no more Trump rallies on TV in a few weeks.

I vote we start right now.

Just turn off the lights!


4 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Vote for Trump – Take 19

  1. “Then, of course, he’ll complain that there are no media to cover him.”
    We have seen this over and over — bully or victim. He has only two settings. Sniff. Sniff.

    You really think there will be no more Trump rallies? They could just become Trump’s army of disaffected, white, trigger-happy terrorists who believe he’s given them the right to bear arms against the tyranny of an illegitimate government led by “Crooked Hillary”. (I’ve seen too many vids of these rabid men at his rallies to believe it can’t happen.)


    Maybe this kind of thing happened all the time before the internet, but now we get to watch, day by day, in real time, a fledgling progressive, barely democratic country fight fascism. It is fascinatingly horrific.

    1. No, once Trump sees he has no chance to win the presidency, there is no more benefit to him personally in any of this. He is only doing this for his own ego. I do not believe for a second he has any concern for his own followers. He panders to them because they enable him. He thinks they are all ignorant, deplorable idiots. The minute after the election is called, he will fade away faster than a fart in the wind. Once he’s gone, the followers will not have a forum, a platform, or a mission. There won’t be any more TV cameras magnifying their voices and signs. They will fade back into the BBQs in backyards and living rooms, until another goofball shows up and stirs things. However, the GOP has learned a lesson, I think, besides, it’ll take a decade for them to clean up after this.

    2. I agree, the media should just stop covering most of it. Would that stop him? Probably not. He has his own media cronies to do his bidding. Scares me that literally about 90-95 percent of my family and friends are voting for him. And, even though I don’t truly support Hillary either, I get loudly and abusively labeled a “bleeding heart liberal” by just about all of them. Liberal? Nah, I’m a frustrated American with my own issues to deal with.

      Barbara, sounds like you also have “election stress disorder.” Here’s my article on what that is, and ways to cope with it.


      1. I really shake my head when I hear somebody votes for Trump. Don’t they see that he is a blabbering idiot? Do we really want a president that can’t put two full sentences together? Open up his head and there’s a pot of shit. Geez.

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