Why I Can’t Vote for Trump – Take 15

I shamelessly stole this post from a good friend on Facebook. He says it better than I ever could:

This may be my last such post, but I feel morally obligated to add this. Trump is a disgrace to all hard working people who are honest, pay their fair share of taxes, and respect the women in their life (and all genders and races in general). How any reasonable, intelligent person with a conscience could support and vote for him is beyond comprehension. He does not represent me, veterans, small business owners, Democracy, the Constitution and most certainly not the middle class. He does not address or have an acceptable plan for any of the real issues facing the country. He makes mindless insults to anyone who gets in his way. He seems to be more concerned with beauty pageant participants than real issues. His lewd remarks make him a horrible role model for our children. Real men do not indulge in his type of language. He in every way represents and is a part of the actual corrupt establishment – the wealthy power mongers who pull the puppet strings of Congress. He is the opposite of everything my parents taught me to be, as a Christian, as a gentleman, and as a caring human being.

— D.O.

And since I agree with every word he says here, I can’t vote for Trump.

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