Dear Donald Debate Bits

Here is an interesting set of suggestions to Donald Trump on how to behave himself in the debates. This is from a Trump supporter who will be rooting for him. It makes total sense to me. Kudos to the writer. Of course, I am hoping that Trump stays Trump, who knows better than to listen to any advice, even if it’s good advice.

Here is the link to the post:

My advice to Donald Trump per the debate: Be a Dad for America in the same mode as you are being Dad for your kids.

Source: Dear Donald Debate Bits

2 thoughts on “Dear Donald Debate Bits

  1. Ray Cullen

    Hi once again, Norbert.
    A VERY different post on this occaaion.
    The article was both clever & well written, I agree.

    Perhaps unfortunately, I “kept reading”….in the comments section…in reaction to the original post..which you re-posted.
    O-M-G….SCARY—!!!—-NOT a good experience at all–!!
    It felt a bit like “rattling around” within the various dark chambers (multiple personalities”) of the mind of a (well-drawn word portrait of a) fictional, seriously demented….&//or delusional….perhaps psychopathic character in a novel or film…. which you just KNOW will “haunt” for some time to come–!!!

    Obviously not all the “crazies” live down here in Oz–!!!! Cheers anyway…Ray.

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