What’s All the Fuss about Transgender People?


I found this in a Facebook post today.

I wonder what all the fuss is about transgender people. I have never met one. I have never seen one in real life. Yes, I guess there are some on TV and on the cover of magazines. But transgender people must be the smallest minority of minorities ever.

I have never in my life bothered to check out other people in the bathrooms I am in. It’s just not something that ever occurred to me. I probably wouldn’t notice if there were a woman in the stall next to me, and if there were, that would not bother me either.

Once I posted this about women cleaning the floors next to urinals. Ok, I did notice that.

But why, why, why state legislators have taken it on to make this fuss about transgender people in public bathrooms, whom none of us have ever met before or noticed, is beyond me.

There must be 10,000 homeless people I come across for every transgender person. And yes, that does not seem to bother me, or anyone else, particularly not legislators.

And that was my rant for the day.


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