Al Baldasaro’s Crude Comments

Al Baldasaro

Al Baldasaro is a Republican New Hampshire State Representative. He made unprovoked crude comments on Facebook against Democratic State Rep. Amanda Bouldin, when she expressed opposition to a bill that forbids women from exposing their nipples or breasts. Here is what he posted:

Al Baldasaro 1

Five thoughts come to mind:

  1. I don’t understand how a man can refer to a woman’s nipple as something “perverted.”
  2. Then he classifies people that oppose bans of female toplessness as “Libertarians.”
  3. Then he is worried about exposing kids to nudity.
  4. Finally he quotes family values.
  5. He manages to make four grammar or spelling mistakes in one little paragraph.

I don’t know Al Baldasaro, but this one little paragraph makes him look really stupid. This is a State Representative?

What is it with people that get themselves into positions to “make laws” and then they get all hung up about what other people do with their bodies? In their bedrooms? Not harming anyone?

We need laws to protect people from abuse, crime, poverty, and ignorance.

We don’t need laws about what women do with their uterus or their nipples.

3 thoughts on “Al Baldasaro’s Crude Comments

  1. It’s doofuses like him, in his arrogant ignorance, that’s making grammar useless to learn. It will just get in the way of your being “one of the people”. Thank you, once again, Sarah Palin and Dubya. And now popular (!) Trump with his fourth-grade vocabulary and grammar; truly the “dumbing down of America” at its apotheosis, but probably not. If you want to know the future, just look at the present and amplify it.

    When you are appealing to the lizard brain, words are irrelevant.

  2. America is a dying Empire and half of the can’t see it — not their fault.
    All these crappy politicians don’t lift people up, just pander to their worst impulses. And if they don’t get to elect Trump, there will be blood.

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