Easter Message on Gun Violence, Automobile Accidents and Islamic Terrorism

On December 2, 2015, 14 people were killed and another 22 seriously injured in a violent attack in San Bernardino by Islamic terrorists.

Statistically, every other day a child is shot and killed in the U.S. from gun violence.

Over the last three months and ten days, that’s 14 people dead from Islamic terrorism and about 50 children (I am not counting adults here) from “run of the mill” domestic shootings and accidents.

Which is the bigger threat and danger to Americans? And which does the media remind us about every day?

There you have it. I said “Islamic terrorism” because there is something very wrong with a religion that incites people to mass-kill innocent others and stone apostates and infidels. Let’s not forget, however, that Christians did just that when they burned witches and tortured heretics.

But the real threat to Americans and to dying in America as an innocent is by automobile accidents (about 30,000 a year) and domestic gun violence (another 30,000 a year, about half of which are suicides) vs. a couple of dozen due to Muslim nutcases.

That is what occurred to me on this Easter Sunday morning.

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