Holding Up the Constitution

Our nation was founded in 1776 and its constitution and many of the first amendments were crafted in the few decades before and after 1800. It goes without saying that our nation is based on an eighteenth-century agrarian society of a few million people in a colonial environment.

The constitution states that the Congress shall meet at least once a year, and such meetings shall begin at noon on the 3rd of January. Of course, in that time, when the only way to travel was by coach or horseback, and the trip from Massachusetts to Philadelphia took months under extreme conditions in the winter, congressmen and senators could not just fly in from their weekend outings to their home states.

Many of our constitutional clauses and the amendments, the second being one of them, are rooted in that environment.

They simply make no sense today. Our Supreme Court often has to deal with the interpretation of the laws our agrarian founders put in place, and how they apply in a modern society with encrypted computers, automatic weapons and Twitter.

Holding up and waving the Constitution can be used for and against just about every issue in that regard.

I have to leave the rest to the constitutional scholars.


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