3 thoughts on “I Want Sanders/Warren 2016

  1. Ray Cullen

    A strong, intelligent & forthright woman “telling it like it is”—wonderful to see//hear amidst the shrill hate-speak & utter nonsense eminating from the Republican candidates—& the G.O.P. more generally.

    In Australia, we also had a strong, intelligent & forthright woman–who became our first female Prime Minister. For those who haven’t had the pleasure—try entering JULIA GILLARD MISOGINY SPEECH into Youtube.

    Worth noting that in the weeks//months prior to this UNREHEARSED//IMPROMPTU verbal “serve” which she gave “those opposite” in our federal parliament (& specifically Tony Abbott–the then Opposition Leader—& a true 1950’s guy–!! ) she had been subjected to public taunts linked to her father’s recent demise// to conservative radio-show hosts’ & Conservative Opposition MPs’ abuse along the lines of “Ditch the Witch” & equally unsavory personal abuse, of a type & to a degree to which NO male politician has EVER had to endure here.

    Gillard eventually had had ENOUGH–& this “off the cuff” delivery was//is a “calling out” of those (mostly men) who still refuse to allow women the same respect & courtesy they regard as a “given” for themselves—& men, more generally.

    The video “went viral”—& many, many women were encouraged in their own particular circumstances by both Gillard’s words, & the feisty manner in which they were delivered.

  2. Ray Cullen


    There’s a commonality, a similarity, between the obstructionalist approach taken by U.S. Republicans over the last seven years, & the attitudes//abuse//scorn to which PM Gillard was subjected.
    In both cases, Conservatives & their loud RWNJ (Right Wing Nut Job) surrogates within the media, refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of a duly elected political leader.

    In the U.S., one cannot help but wonder to what degree such refusal may be due to Obama being the first African-American President. Certainly in Gillard’s case, much of the unprecedented vitriole & plain shabby treatment of a national leader, was because she was//is a woman–!!

    In both instances, the (fairly “snarky”) description of many arch-conservatives often used here, springs to mind. It possibly goes some way to explain how many Conservatives can view it as acceptable to deny duly elected leaders their rightful legitimacy AS leaders.
    It is said (archly) that Conservatives regard themselves as the ONLY folk who are rightly “Born To Rule”–!!

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