How Did Trump Become a Billionaire?

When I listen to Trump, he sounds stark-raving-crazy. Many of the things “HE” says he will do when he is in office are not possible. They require acts of Congress. Yet, he is acting like he’s running for dictator. Obviously, even if he were elected, after pissing off 100% of Democrats and 49% of Republicans (or more) in Congress, he wouldn’t be able to govern effectively.

But I know he is not stark-raving-crazy. He has a plan. A man does not become a billionaire without a detailed plan, a lot of self-discipline, enormous commitment, and without being a skilled negotiator.

That tells me that all the bluster we see is a game or a show. He must be conscientiously pandering to his followers. There are the birthers, the gun-gun-gunners, the make-America-great-again-by-installing-a-dictators, the Christian fanatics, and the xenophobes, to name just a few categories.

A billionaire becomes a billionaire by USING OTHER PEOPLE. That’s how it works. Trump is using a frustrated and demoralized electorate, the former middle-class that has been trampled on since Reagan and has almost been eradicated, those people who want their part of the American dream back again. He is using that overpowering sentiment in our society for his own aggrandizement.

Trump does not sound interested in America, other than what it would do for his ego to be elected president. Men like that have accumulated great wealth throughout history. Who can stop them? Our system is designed by them for them – and not for the people. Men like that have also bought great power. That’s what Trump is now doing. It takes a billion dollars to buy the American presidency. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates spend billions eradicating diseases and fighting hunger. Trump spends them on his own brand.

Like other narcissistic people, Trump, if elected, would destroy our country, not make it great again. Napoleon destroyed an entire generation of young French men – by sending them into war and literally killing them. Hitler destroyed Germany and several generations of German lives. I myself, so many years later, still see the terrible damage Hitler’s actions inflicted on my own grandparents and I still see the traces in my parents today.

Trump is using us for his aggrandizement. That’s what narcissists do with other people, and that’s how a man who thinks like Trump becomes a billionaire in the first place.

5 thoughts on “How Did Trump Become a Billionaire?

  1. What can stop him? He is now the embodiment of God the Father come to earth in their minds — a strong daddy who will protect them, get justice for them, legitimize their anger at government and an uppity black president. He is now inerrant. And as a showman he knows how to push their buttons, installed by right-wing media. It’s a perfect storm.

    I don’t think Hillary will be able to stop him, either, for he will just call her a liar and name all her baggage, then say she’s ugly.

    And, when Mitch McConnell says he will throw his support behind the dems to stop Trump, he’s just afraid of losing his own seat, but it does show his and all the “elite” GOP fear.

    Thanks to John McCain picking no-nothing Sarah Palin, we now have Trump.
    Geez, I’m glad I don’t live there anymore, but the whole world is watching, has stopped laughing and is now worrying… or should be.

    1. Wow, that’s a dark picture. I don’t think so. That would mean that more than 50% of the U.S. electorate buys into this. I don’t know a single person in my daily life that would vote for Trump. I think he has reined in all he will get, but that just won’t be enough to win a general election. The people of the United States are not insane.

  2. I wish I had your optimism. I’m an American and know first-hand how bigoted and infantile and irrational Americans can be. The majority are sheep. Europeans and Brits who go to America have no idea, being rational themselves. My husband and I moved to Canada during the Vietnam war.

    A friend just came back from a conference in Toronto of teachers where a well- educated, in all other respects a rational, bright man said if Trump doesn’t win it will be “the end of America.”

    He was so anti-democrat every one in the room (Canadians) were rolling their eyes. Don’t think only dumb Americas are buying into this “need a businessman to fix everything Obama has ruined” meme that Fox et al have been filling their heads with for over a decade.

    But then I’m Swedish by DNA and we are a dour lot, expecting the worst. 😀

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