Reduction of Smog in the United States

Here is a picture of smog in the U.S.

Smog in the US
[click to enlarge; picture credit: NASA]
The red areas are smog in 2005 and 2011.

It shows nitrogen dioxide, which we produce in gasoline engines in cars and trucks, and by burning coal in power plants. Due to work by the EPA, which first started curbing nitrogen dioxide in 1971, its concentrations have been falling over time.

Power plants have installed scrubbers to remove pollutants from their smokestacks, and car manufacturers have adopted catalytic converters. Since 2005, electric utilities have reduced burning of coal and gone to the cleaner natural gas. Our air is much better today than it was 10 years ago, and much better than 30 years ago.

Do we really believe this would have happened without the EPA?

Yet, there is Ted Cruz who yells he wants to abolish the EPA because it is a “job killer.”

One must wonder about the sanity of these people. During the Obama years, we have added over 14 million jobs in an unprecedented job growth period of 70 uninterrupted months. We have created way more jobs than were destroyed during the Bush years, particularly toward the end, when the economy crashed.

Yet, somehow, the EPA is killing jobs.

Do we really want to remove the EPA, start burning coal again, subsidize petroleum companies, and turn the yellow and blue areas read again on the map above?

Because that’s exactly what would happen.

I vote that we keep the EPA. It’s doing a remarkable job in our country, and with the “job killing” that’s going on (adding 14 million in 70 months) I am fine with it continuing to “kill jobs” at that rate.

4 thoughts on “Reduction of Smog in the United States

  1. One more stupid (and inaccurate) comment from a gop guy, all of whom seem to be subconsciously trying to lose the election telling lies or denying the sanity of the Obama years of progress. Can’t step down from it all themselves, knowing they are shits, so they will let The American People decide — hopefully not as dumb as this deep bench of Neanderthals.

    1. I am with you on that one. The GOP seems to be in a suicide spiral. How can they expect us to take them seriously? There are just not enough people left to hang on to their medieval beliefs and principles. Push away women, gays, immigrants, foreigners, non-Christians, intellectuals, minorities, Latinos, blacks, scientists, young people, who is left to elect you in the end? It is our job to educate as many people as possible and inspire them to think critically – and these clowns will wither on the vines.

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