Nodding off in GOP Debates

This past week, Trump got more press than ever before because the did NOT participate in the last GOP debate. I was staying at a hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts the night of the debates, and  I turned on the TV to watch. Here are my main take-aways:

  1. No Trump – I enjoyed not having Trump there. His inane and inappropriate, and decidedly un-presidential comments never added to the topic before, and not having him there simply gave more time to the other candidates.
  2. Trump Coverage – there seemed to be more post, during and after media coverage for Trump and about Trump than the debate itself. The media should stop giving this buffoon free advertising.
  3. Same Old – Same Old – there was nothing new I found in the debate. Everything the candidates said here they said before in the other debates. I could have created a collage of the candidates’ responses from previous clips myself.  Not an original statement to be found.
  4. Obama is Bad – They kept talking about Obama like they are running against him, rather than against each other. The majority of the “statements” and “facts” about the Obama presidency and its results were purely wrong, or at least misleading. Some call it lies.
  5. Advertisements – These are not debates, they are infomercials of the candidates. They didn’t talk about any issues and debate facts. Kasich has done everything before on Ohio, and that’s why he’ll do it again. Christie is the only “executive” on the stage, and he has ruled New Jersey the way the country should be ruled. Everyone wants to eliminate ISIS, and nobody has a shred of detail on how they are going to accomplish that. This is not debating, this is blustering.
  6. Boring – I literally got bored about half-way through, and nodded off. Nothing new!

I would be embarrassed for our country if any one of the people on that stage were my president. And I would be embarrassed and seriously worried for our country if the person not on the stage were to become president.

320 million people in our country, and those are our choices?

7 thoughts on “Nodding off in GOP Debates

  1. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? I’ve seen so much post-coverage of everything that my head spins from the absurdity. But hey, if we’re a country that can believe the Earth is flat because a has-been rapper said so, then I guess we’ll have a cuckoo for president.

  2. Ray cullen

    It’s “Trump-related”—-CAN’T just “sit out” such a discussion—!!!!

    A commentator on an Australian radio program made the following point this morning (it’s already Sunday afternoon in “Oz”)—-PARTLY in jest—-but then, “many a true word is spoken in jest”–!! The comment was ALMOST exclusively “Trump-targeted”—but could equally apply to any//all of the current Republican “Hall of Shame”–!!!
    It went like this——-

    This election is about America’s future–of course. However, because of American hegemony, it’s also about the future of the world-!! It’s an election to decide the next President of the U.S.—but that person will also adopt the (hackneyed but probably also, apt) mantle of “leader of the free world”–!!! —-and the “kicker” is—-we don’t even get to VOTE in this—!!!

    Of course no Australian REALLY feels in any way, shape or form, that s/he has any right to vote in an American election–!!!
    Rather, the statement was emblematic of the frustration felt in many nations around the world—& echoed in your own post Norbert—-(& in the Comments)—at the utter dearth of calibre &//or “quality” in this current “crop” of Republican candidates—!!! We outside the U.S., are every bit as “frustrated” by the situation as our American friends—but even MORE powerless to do much to effect any positive influence upon a worrying, almost depressingly “inevitable” scenario.

    One participant in the (radio) discussion mentioned above, made the astute observation that–were Trump to be elected—many countries would “pull back” from engagement with the U.S. Such a phenomenum would not,of course, indicate any sudden “issue” with the U.S. (or Americans)—but, the question was posed—Who would even TRY to “engage” on meaningful issues, with a President Trump-?
    What would be the point-?

    American influence outside the U.S. is NOT always “enjoyed” by all. I guess this is most probably known by readers of Norbert’s observations upon life-!!
    Nevertheless, the U.S. really DOES have a large (& potentially, largely positive-!!) role to play in the world outside her own borders.

    That necessary role might well be far less influential, & certainly less effective, within a scenario wherein allies are discouraged to develop closer engagement—–because it’s really difficult to “get on” with an erratic, egomaniacal buffoon—especially one who commands the power of the U.S. military arsenal–!!

    The scenario of President Trump & the very probably disfunctional relationship with nations which are FRIENDS of the U.S., is extremely discouraging. However, consider the downright DEPRESSING situation for all, of those nations with whom the U.S. is NOT allied.Imagine being one of THOSE leaders— & quite possibly, genuinely trying to seek a negotiated path forward through vexed issues, whilst the utterly “chaotic” Trump is at the helm of U.S. leadership–!!!

    It has been noted in recent days, that Trump became “spooked” by the Fox journalist, Megyn Kelly. As a result of her daring to ask pretty basic questions of a CANDIDATE (who in a democracy is applying to voters for a job–!!—& must thus, be “accountable”–!!)—he “spat the dummy”—ie. acted like a bad-tempered “baby”—& tried to have Kelly replaced, presumably by someone who would ask “gentler” questions of him–!!

    Trump appears (incredibly-!!) to have emerged unscathed from his latest “temper tantrum”.
    The outcome would probably be VERY different, & the results potentially CATASTROPHIC, if the NEXT Trump “stamp-the-foot” were to take place on the WORLD stage—& instead of Kelly, the President were to sulkily complain about the “meanness” of, & vacate the venue to—-say—-Putin—!!!

    1. Thanks for the Australian point of view, Ray. I don’t think it’ll be Trump. I don’t think he’s electable. We’ll see more in a few days when the Iowa Caucuses are over…

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