Nodding off in GOP Debates

This past week, Trump got more press than ever before because the did NOT participate in the last GOP debate. I was staying at a hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts the night of the debates, and  I turned on the TV to watch. Here are my main take-aways:

  1. No Trump – I enjoyed not having Trump there. His inane and inappropriate, and decidedly un-presidential comments never added to the topic before, and not having him there simply gave more time to the other candidates.
  2. Trump Coverage – there seemed to be more post, during and after media coverage for Trump and about Trump than the debate itself. The media should stop giving this buffoon free advertising.
  3. Same Old – Same Old – there was nothing new I found in the debate. Everything the candidates said here they said before in the other debates. I could have created a collage of the candidates’ responses from previous clips myself.  Not an original statement to be found.
  4. Obama is Bad – They kept talking about Obama like they are running against him, rather than against each other. The majority of the “statements” and “facts” about the Obama presidency and its results were purely wrong, or at least misleading. Some call it lies.
  5. Advertisements – These are not debates, they are infomercials of the candidates. They didn’t talk about any issues and debate facts. Kasich has done everything before on Ohio, and that’s why he’ll do it again. Christie is the only “executive” on the stage, and he has ruled New Jersey the way the country should be ruled. Everyone wants to eliminate ISIS, and nobody has a shred of detail on how they are going to accomplish that. This is not debating, this is blustering.
  6. Boring – I literally got bored about half-way through, and nodded off. Nothing new!

I would be embarrassed for our country if any one of the people on that stage were my president. And I would be embarrassed and seriously worried for our country if the person not on the stage were to become president.

320 million people in our country, and those are our choices?