The Call of the Wild in our House

Trisha decided she is going to go on a five-day dog sledding trip in Northern Minnesota in February. This is the same badass woman who went for a cattle drive some years ago: description here. I have opted out of both adventures. Exposure to large domestic animals being controlled by the minds of humans in wilderness situations are not on my list of things I need to do before I die. The inverse is more true. So she is going with another female badass friend. I am proud of them both.

But I insisted that she read The Call of the Wild first. There is no way I will let her go on a dog sledding adventure without having read that book first. I threatened to chain her to the steel railing in our house until the read the book.

Heeding my threat, she just downloaded it onto her Kindle.

There is a Call of the Wild in our house.

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