Shootings and Terrorism

In the aftermath of yesterday’s tragic shooting in San Bernardino, where three shooters, one woman and two men, wearing fatigues, possible body-armor, and ski masks shot people at random, killing 14 and wounding another 17, officials said the following:

Terrorism cannot be ruled out

How in the world was this not terrorism? We have a word to describe three people committing premeditated mass murder at a facility for disabled people. That word is “Terrorism.”

Maybe it was not Islamic jihadist terrorism, but it was terrorism nonetheless.

The Colorado Springs shooter a few days ago was a Christian. The media didn’t call that terrorism either. Sorry folks. That, also, was terrorism, perpetrated by a Christian. I hate to say it. We have such a thing as Christian terrorism, and atheist terrorism, and batshit crazy nutcase terrorism.

But let’s all agree to calling it what it is:



3 thoughts on “Shootings and Terrorism

  1. Mary Barnes

    Immediately after the shooting, officials might not have had enough information to know if it was terrorism. As it turned out, it was, but just going crazy and shooting a bunch of people isn’t necessarily terrorism. The definition of domestic terrorism is fairly narrow. It has to be for the purpose of influencing the conduct of government or retaliating against government action. 18 U.S.C. sec. 2332b

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