Minimum Wage Hikes and McDonald’s Kiosks

Just four months ago I posted that minimum wage hikes were a terrible idea for a number of reasons. One of them was that it would drive businesses to automate, and therefore eliminate jobs.

McDonalds Kiosks

Guess what? Here are some McDonald’s kiosks, poised to take over those jobs. Apparently they cost less than $15 an hour, and they probably do a better job getting the orders right.

Critics claim that they don’t really serve all the customers, since at a normal McDonald’s, 70% of the revenue comes from drive-through windows, where kiosks can’t help.

That may be right. But that’s just a start. Eventually, fast food will become completely automated. No more sleepy teenagers who don’t know how to make change properly. No more wrong orders. No more slow service. It’s just a matter of time.

No more jobs.


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