The Folly of the 1-Click-Buy

It’s so convenient to buy books with one click. I have loved that feature for years.


But then, I just recently bought Napoleon: A Life and was in for a surprise: First, the Kindle edition was more expensive than the paperback version. Ok – I am used to that now.

But I didn’t realize it until I started reading: This book is HUGE.


Here is a copy I saw at the bookstore. [Yes, I go to the bookstore to browse but then buy on Amazon. I am a bookstore mooch, and a mooch, and a mooch, and a mooch].

This book is as huge as The Count of Monte Cristo, or The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, or Pillars of the Earth, or War and Peace (I haven’t finished this so I can’t show you a review).

This is the folly of the 1-click-buy: If I had realized that this is a book with almost a thousand pages of small print, or 24,000 Kindle locations, I would probably have passed on it. It’ll take me weeks to go through that.

And now back to reading. I am at 25% already….

2 thoughts on “The Folly of the 1-Click-Buy

  1. Ray cullen

    Hi Norbert-!!
    I too enjoy the ease//convenience of “ONE-CLICK”—& the experience of reading on Kindle. I am yet to “come to terms” however, with the notion of a Kindle book being more expensive than its “dead tree” version-!!
    This just makes no sense to me at all.

    You mentioned “Napoleon-A Life” being “almost a thousand pages of small print”. At least the writing STYLE ought be far more “user friendly” than “The Count of Monte Cristo”-!! I just read & enjoyed your review of the latter. After TCoMC, “Napoleon” will surely be “a piece of cake” for you-?!!

    Just as well you DID opt for the Kindle version of “Napoleon”—–at least the text on those many pages of “small print” can be ENLARGED–!!
    I find this feature of my own Kindle-reading, ever more useful as time goes by–!!

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