Trump on the F-35 Boondoggle

The F-35 program is the most expensive weapons system of all time. The planes cost around $200 million each. The plane is also very controversial. Here is a post I wrote some time ago about how even the experts agree that the plane does not perform the way it was designed.

The plane is rumored to have serious flaws, including less maneuverability than older planes that we already have. Donald Trump said recently that he would scrap the F-35 program if elected.

When they say that this cannot perform as well as the planes we already have, what are [we] doing, and why are we spending so much more money?

— Donald Trump

This is the first time I have to admit I’d actually line up behind Trump. The F-35 program is a program of redistribution of wealth – from the taxpayers (the American middle class) to Lockheed Martin.

It should be stopped. Apparently America’s fire power would not be diminished, but the wallet would have lots of money left over.


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