Ever Deeper in the Syrian Morass

President Obama is sending “less than 50” U.S. Special Forces into Syria. That’s boots on the ground, and in contrast what he just proclaimed he would not so not too long ago.

Syria is in a mess of a civil war. The Russians are dropping bombs on behalf of the teetering Assad regime. ISIS is beheading people in the name of God. The rebels are going after ISIS and Assad. Iran is messing with things.

All we can possibly achieve is getting more Americans killed – for nothing. Don’t tell me we are doing this to keep our country safe. Don’t tell me we are doing this so I can have my freedom. Really, what are 50 American soldiers in Syria going to accomplish?

There is no solution to this mess. Therefore we should distance ourselves. Let the Russians spend their money that they don’t have. We should not be posturing.

Syria is country whose people are fleeing. Their president is a coward who is willing to allow millions of his citizens to lose their livelihoods and their homeland. He is willing to sacrifice his people’s lives so he can stay in power. He should have resigned and gone into exile with his pile of money years ago and left his people alone.

People are not there to serve their presidents. Rather, presidents are there to serve their people.

Assad is willing to drag the world through the morass with him. He does not get it.

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